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Meet Dr. Becker

It’s no stretch to say that Russell Becker, DO, a fellow-trained vascular surgeon practicing at Vascular Center of Naples in Naples, Florida, gets into things for the long run. Dr. Becker, who runs marathons in his free time, has experience and interest in all areas of vascular and endovascular surgery, including treatment of conditions like carotid artery disease, hemodialysis access creation and maintenance, and diseases of the veins.

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Meet Dr. Pfitzinger, Jr

Duke Pfitzinger, DO, brings his vast experience in vascular and endovascular surgery to Vascular Center of Naples in Naples, Florida. There is a lot to be said about Dr. Pfitzinger’s level of determination throughout his career. From the football field as a Division I athlete to the operating room, Dr. Pfitzinger has never shied away from a challenge. He is one of few osteopathic physicians to train in surgery at allopathic institutions.

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The mission of Russell Becker, DO, and Duke Pfitzinger, DO, is to bring comprehensive, compassionate, and meaningful vascular care to patients at Vascular Center of Naples in Naples, Florida. The team specializes in endovascular and vascular surgery, and provides health care plans for conditions like spider and varicose veins, carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and stroke.

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Experience personalized, safe, and effective treatments at Vascular Center of Naples. Our expert team uses the latest technology and high-quality products to tailor your treatment to your needs. Relax and enjoy your luxurious experience with complete peace of mind at Vascular Center of Naples.


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Vascular Center of Naples delivers results that meet and exceed your expectations. Our tailored treatments and latest technology ensure that you achieve your desired outcome. Experience our luxurious and effective treatments for yourself.


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Schedule a consultation with Dr. Becker today to take the first steps on your journey of revitalization. Our board-certified doctors and nationally-recognized medicine experts are dedicated to improving your health.

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